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House keeping

Particulars Prices
Steam Cleaning Rs 800-1000
Basic Wash Room Cleaning 500-700
Particulars Prices
Kitchen Deep Cleaning 1800-2000/-
Basic Cleaning 1400/-
Particulars Prices
Project Cleaning 6-7/Sft
Deep Cleaning 4-5/Sft
Basic Cleaning Rs 3/Sft
Particulars Prices
Kitchen Surface 1000 - 1900
Washroom Fixtures 900 - 1800
Toys & Accessories Starting from 500
Particulars Prices
Particulars Prices
Particulars Prices
Corporate Carpet Cleaning Up on Site Visit
Residential carpet (above 800 Sft) Up on Site Visit
Residential carpet (Up to 800 Sft) Rs 1200/-
Particulars Prices
Matress Cleaning (Double Side) Rs 800/Mattress
Cushions Rs 50-100
Dining Chairs Rs 150-200/Seat
Recliners Rs 400/Seat
Leather Sofa Rs 300/Seat
Fabric Sofa Rs 250/Seat
Particulars Prices
Hatchback 1400-1800
Sedan 1600-2000
MUV 1800-2200
SUV 2000-2400
Particulars Prices

While day-to-day cleaning is easy to handle, there come times when a professional touch is needed. Everyday mopping may not render your house germ-free and clean. There may be troublesome areas or spots that you just can’t get rid of! Moreover, with so much pollution around, simple cleaning techniques are not really helpful. Choosing housekeeping services every now and then, thus, can help keep your home sparkling clean.

At Just Fix we offer three different types of housekeeping services in Hyderabad. You may choose from them based on your requirements. For example, if you are looking for hospital housekeeping services, you might want to go for project cleaning or deep cleaning. To have your room cleaned up after a party, basic cleaning will suffice.