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Pest Control

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Lizard Control (Villa & Others) Up on Site Visit
Lizard Control 3BHK 900
Lizard Control 2 BHK 700
Lizard Control 1 BHK 500
Fogging (Villa & Others) 1200
Mosquito Fogging 3 BHK 800
Mosquito Fogging 2 BHK 600
Mosquito Fogging 1 BHK 400
Bed Bugs Treatment 600
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Cockroach Control Villa an Others Up on Site Visit
Cockroach Control 3BHK 900
Cockroach Control 2 BHK 750
Cockroach Control 1BHK 600
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Termite Treatment (Advanced)Villa&Others Up on Site Visit
Termite Treatment (Advanced)3BHK 12000
Termite Treatment (Advanced)2 BHK 9000
Termite Treatment (Advanced)1BHK 7500
Particulars Prices
Termite Treatment(Basic)Villa&Others Up on Site Visit
TermiteTreatment (Basic)3BHK 4500
TermiteTreatment (Basic)2 BHK 3500
TermiteTreatment (Basic) 1BHK 2500

Pest Control

They are indeed pests, aren’t they? Lurking in the cupboards, feeding off your beautiful wooden bed, feasting on your delicious food every time they get a chance, or buzzing near your ear to make you listen to the worst noise of your life! Along with being plain irritating these pests are dangerous. They carry diseases that can have severe manifestations on us. We must get rid of them lest they breed to make our worst nightmares come true. Avail our pest control service in Hyderabad to get rid of them proficiently.