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Particulars Prices
Gyser Installation With out Piping (Upto 5 Ltr) 350
Installation With out Piping (6-10 Ltr) 500
Installation With out Piping (Above 10 Ltr) Up on Site Visit
Installation With Piping Up on Site Visit
Repairs Up on Site Visit
Others Up on Site Visit
Particulars Prices
Others Up on Site Visit
Watertank Installation/Un Installation Up on Site Visit
Pipe Line Fittitings Up on Site Visit
Water Tank Cleaning Up to 500 Lts 600
Sump Cleaning 800
Particulars Prices
Others Up on Site Visit
Kitchen Sink Intstallation/Replacement Up on Site Visit
Kitchen Sink Repair 300
Wash Basin Uninstallation Up on Site Visit
Wash Basin Tap Repair Up on Site Visit
Wash Basin (Installation) 450
Tap(Repair or Fitting) 200
Particulars Prices
Kitchen Sink & Wash Basin Leak/Block 250-400
Westren Toilet Leak/Block Up on Site Visit
Tap Block/Leak 200
Particulars Prices
Commode Seat Cover Fitting/Replacement 200
Commode Replacement/Repair Up on Site Visit
Conversion Indian to Westren Up on Site Visit
Flush Tank Repair (Open Type) 250
Flush Tank Installation Up on Site Visit
Health Faucet Replacement 200
Shower Repair/Replacement 250
Others Up on Site Visit

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The most common plumbing issue and easily the most annoying one is water leakage. A faulty faucet or a malfunctioning pipeline can ruin your sleep altogether. Let’s put an end to all this hassle in just one step! Book our plumbing services in Hyderabad and one of our professionals will reach out to you. He will take care of any plumbing issue from installation to replacement to fixing.

Our experienced plumbers will zero in on the problem before sorting it out for you. That’ll help reduce the risk of aggravating the situation further due to lack of knowledge. We are experts in bathroom fittings, sanitary fittings, pipe fittings, and much more!