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Here's the indicative rate card for our various services. These rates are for reference only. The final rates can be calculated only after site inspection

House keeping
Service Rate(INR)
Matress Cleaning (Double Side) Rs 800/Mattress
Fabric Sofa Rs 250/Seat
Basic Wash Room Cleaning Rs 500-700
Kitchen Deep Cleaning 1800-2000/-
Deep Cleaning Rs 4-5/Sft
Pest Control
Service Rate(INR)
Termite Treatment (Advanced)2 BHK 9000
TermiteTreatment (Basic)2 BHK 3500
Cockroach Control 2 BHK 750
Air Conditioner
Service Rate(INR)
Split AC Service 600
Split AC Installation Up to 1.5 ton 1500
Carpenter Services
Service Rate(INR)
Modular Kitchens (New / Repair) Up on Site Visit
Cot Assembly 300-400
Door Stopper 250
Door Latch (New) 200
Service Rate(INR)
Gyser Installation With out Piping (Upto 5 Ltr) 350
Flush Tank Repair (Open Type) 250
Wash Basin (Installation) 450
Tap(Repair or Fitting) 200
Electrical Services
Service Rate(INR)
Microwave Repairs Up on Site Visit
Inverter Installation Up on Site Visit
Tube Light With Panel 250
Fan Fitting (New) 200
Washing Machine
Service Rate(INR)
Service 600
Service Rate(INR)
Refrigerator Repairs Up on Site Visit