Take your old iron to an appliance repair service now!

Take your old iron to an appliance repair service now!

The iron is a remarkably brilliant appliance. Apart from rendering decency to your wrinkled clothes, this little thing is capable of taking on a plethora of challenges with wonderful ease. It can perform a plethora of actions some of which will dumbfound you and others that will leave you with a pleasant surprise.

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Here are a few genius hacks that your iron can accomplish to make your life easier:

  • Flatten out dents on your wooden furniture

If your wooden furniture has been long withstanding knocks and blows, chances are you see dents on its flat surface making it look ugly and old. Tell you what, you can iron out the dents from the furniture effortlessly with your iron. Yes! If your furniture is made from softwood, the heat from the iron box can smooth out the creases. Place a damp paper towel on the surface that needs the treatment and press iron in small circles to even out the dents. The wood rises when subject to heat and that will almost look like magic. This trick works on certain types of hardwood floors too. You’re welcome.

  • Erase candlewax from all and sundry:

We all love candles. Don’t we? But the nubbins that their drippings cause on anything from the carpets, tables, glassware and clothes is annoying. Fortunately, we now have the perfect solution to this. Grab your iron, and melt away the glob. You just need to cover the stain with a paper bag, and then press the iron over it. Quickly after, use a little cleaning solution and towel rub to get the stain off. This method works well for stuck gum on carpets too.

  • Fix vinyl floor edges:

If your precious vinyl flooring is curling at the edges and needs a quick repair, you can totally DIY. Just get your hot iron and lay it over the troublesome spot after placing a foil on it. Let the vinyl peel off smoothly. Now apply a fresh coat of adhesive and stick the vinyl back in its place. Flatten out the vinyl with the help of a rolling pin and you’re done! No need to call a repairman or bear the cost of new flooring. Whoopee!

  • Make perfect grilled cheese sandwiches in a jiffy:

Don’t have a stove, a grill or an oven? Craving for a grilled cheese sandwich in a hotel room and don’t know what to do? Fret not! You need bread, cheese (obviously!) and a sheet of baking paper. That’s it? Yes!

Just lay your cheese slice between two slices of bread and cover it with baking paper (you can use aluminium foil too). Place the iron on the stack for upto 10 minutes. Flip the stack and give it another 10 minutes of nuking. Once the bread is perfectly brown on both the sides and it is dripping cheese, you know you are done! Works fine with quesadillas too! We know you want to try that now!!

  • Make a quick eggs and bacon breakfast:

Who knew you can whip up a fancy breakfast for yourself on an iron!! That’s right. Place the iron upside down and secure it between something sturdy. Now place an aluminium foil on the iron plate, and your makeshift hot pan is ready. Roll up the edges of the foil so you don’t create a mess. Now crack eggs in your little fenced thingy and let it bubble up. Once the eggs are done, keep them aside and then place a few strips of bacon on another piece of aluminium foil and wrap it. Place it on the oven for about 15 minutes and then flip it to cook for another 15 till its crispy golden. Your eggs and bacon breakfast is ready! You can even try toasting your buttered bread to make your breakfast oh so perfect.

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  • Seal your plastic bags airtight:

Now this is a genius idea! You can now store food in your plastic bags without worrying about humidity, dirt and pests getting into it. Pour the contents in the plastic bag you intend to seal and leave at least 2 inches of empty space at the top. Cover the edges of the plastic bag with an aluminium foil and run your hot iron over it. Make sure the iron plate does not touch any area of the plastic bag directly. Let it cool a bit and then remove the foil to reveal a perfectly sealed bag.

  • Purge stains from your carpet:

Your favourite rug or carpet has an ugly stain on it and you think calling a housekeeping service is the only way out to get back its glory? You are wrong

To get off most types of stains (some stains do require a housekeeping service) your iron, a clean towel and a little cleaning solution is all you need.

Just spray the cleaning solution directly over the stain till the entire stained area is covered and damp. Now place a towel on the stain, covering it. Press your heated iron on the towel. Gently move back and forth a few times. The heat will lift the stain off the carpet and get the gunk to stick to the towel. You may have to repeat this step more than once if the stains are too deep or too stubborn and voila! The carpet’s glory will be restored.

  • Get your old wallpaper off easy peasy:

Instead of ripping and pulling apart your old wallpaper and then be frustrated with the untidy and tedious chore, use a hot steam iron to make your job easier. Just hold it against the wall leaving a small distance between the iron plate and the wall. Turn on the steam setting and puff some damp hot air onto the paper. The heat will soften the glue and the moisture will help ease the paper off the wall. You will definitely thank us for this one.

Can’t wait to try these out? Go and get that old iron that’s gathering dust in your attic and get it repaired by an appliance repair service. You don’t want to use your regular clothes iron for these tricks unless getting a bit of food or cleaning solution on your clothes is no big deal. Now go experiment with these crazy hacks!