Why hiring pest control service to get rid of rats makes sense

 Why hiring pest control service to get rid of rats makes sense

Rats and mice are inimical, irksome, and destructive creatures belonging to the rattus and mus family respectively. These yucky vectors serve as the perfect zoonotic spreading diseases like LCMV, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, tapeworms, and rat fever etc. through their dander, droppings, and hair sheds.

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Apart from causing life-threatening diseases and allergic reactions, these annoying critters are responsible for causing a lot of destruction around the house. To prevent their teeth from overgrowing and wearing down, mice and rats have to continuously chew on things. Your furniture, upholstery, plastic ware and even wire mesh around the house can act as perfect teethers to these babies.

Here’s how you can prevent a rat infestation:

  • Don’t leave food spills rotting. Clean them up as soon as they occur. Grease and food debris attract pests like no other.
  • Seal all cracks, crevices, holes for phone lines, and openings in the eaves. Openings in building foundations is another point of vulnerability.
  • If you have pets, avoid feeding them outdoors. If you don’t have a choice on this matter, make sure you clean left overs regularly. Also use sturdy glass containers to store pet food.
  • If you have a thing for bird feeders, install them away from your house and garage. The spillage from bird feeders is a major attraction for mice.
  • Rats generally avoid areas that give them high exposure. So keep the grass and bushes in the garden trimmed so you can spot burrows as soon as they are made.
  • Avoid woodpiles. Stacked wood allows rats to burrow in them and can be a prime avenue of access.

Unfortunately, rats can co-exist with high human population without being detected for long.

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Want to get rid of them?

Here are a few things you need to do first:

  • Seal holes in the interior as well as exterior walls. Remember to leave a way out for the rats, else they will dig up more, if trapped.
  • Check for greasy stains that the mice leave. Faeces near an entry way (with a peculiar odour) will make you know where their abode is. Mark those areas and thoroughly clean them.
  • Use scouring pads to seal the entry ways. Secure them properly on the sides. Replace with new ones when the mice successfully manage to pull them away.
  • Keep your house super clean and don’t leave any food open. Mice are less likely to stay in a place where there is shortage of food. Makes sense.
  • Don’t keep your trash cans close to your home. The stench that emits from trash cans is inviting (ugh) for them.
  • Ensure that all pipe-work in and around the house is in good order. Rats come up from sewers and broken pipes and you don’t want that.

Once you are done following the above steps, try these natural ways to get rid of mice without killing or harming them.

  • The smell of peppermint oil is too intense for rodents and hence acts as a deterrent. The strong smell of peppermint, successfully masks the smell of food morsels lying open around the house. This oil is easily available in health food stores. So get it now, pour a few drops on cotton balls and place the balls at entryways and heat vents. You can even grow a few peppermint plants in your herb garden to act as the perfect rodent damper.
  • If you or your neighbours own cats, you can use their urine to ward off the nasty rodents. Sounds yuck, but cat urine acts as an effective deterrent for mice. Place tubs of cat pee pee around the house and the mice will run for their lives.
  • You can use dried snake faeces too! (If you find this disgusting, trust us when we tell you that rat infestation in the house is uglier). Local reptile centres, and zoos might be able to supply it to you. Be careful not to keep within reach of children and pets though.
  • Technology has been kind enough to give us electronic devices that make an ultra-sonic beeping sound that rodents detest. They only work on line-of-sight basis though and it won’t be long before the mice gets used to them.
  • Use organic repellents to get rid of the hated creatures. It’s a better idea to purchase it off the counter than get making them because it turns out much more economic that way.
  • Use the good old mice traps to trap them. But make sure you release them at least a mile from your house (preferably a heavily wooded area) or they will come scurrying back.
  • Use sticky traps to trap the little rascals. You can remove the mouse from the trap by using a bit of cooking oil. Release him thereafter to a faraway landJ.
  • Get a pet cat home. They are naturally inclined to hunt down mice or scare them away. You want to know though, that some well-fed indoor kitties might not be of help at all.

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Although natural methods are safe and effective to control rats, they might not keep them away for long. It therefore becomes essential to use chemical rat poisons (With utmost care and caution) to get rid of them for good. If ready available rat poisons are used, chances are it will die in your house in an unseen corner and rot there, creating more trouble and an intolerable stink. Also, if you have children, or pets in the house, these baits can pose a threat.

So, if yours is a low risk area with a mild rat infestation, choose natural methods. Else, it is always better to call professional pest control services to do the job. High-risk areas have established rat colonies and repeated infestation.

Professional pest control services use a combination of traps and rat poison to get rid of the rats. They conduct a thorough research of the area and then choose the most effective places where the traps and poison can be laid without harming the inmates of the area. They modify their execution till the desired results are achieved. There are quite a few good pest control services in Hyderabad whose service you can avail. Make sure you do a little research on who will do the job best before hiring one.

Go, show those rodents, the back door. No place for them in your house!